“We have boarded our horses and dogs with 8 mile ranch for extended periods of time , and have been pleased to return to happy and well cared for animals. Jeff and Kareen do a great job! “

Jim and Noni Peterson, Colorado Springs


“Colorado is a gorgeous stallion with an awesome gait. Kareen and Jeff are truly good people to work with.”

Kathy Key, Key Stallion Station, Pueblo, CO



“Jeff and Kareen Buckner have been clients in good standing with our clinic for the last 5 years. My experience with them has been nothing but positive. They have shown themselves to be very knowledgeable when it comes to the health care of their animals. Even more impressive they have expressed a desire and openness to continue to expand their knowledge base when in care of their animals. It is very rewarding to work with clients that can apply their practical experience and compassion in the handling and care of animals but not be afraid to make changes or ask questions when the need arises. I believe they have the animal husbandry skills, compassion for animals and practical experience to maintain a first class boarding facility that would be an asset to the community. Myself and Fourmile Veterinary Clinic would not hesitate to recommend them to our clients for their boarding needs. “

Fourmile Veterinary Clinic, LLC Jeremy J. Ley, DVM 401 Lincoln Avenue Canon City, CO 81212 (May 2011)



“I am Kelly Duncan, Animal Control Officer for Canon City Colorado. I have a certificate in animal care and am nationally certified through the National Animal Control Association. I have 10 years experience on the job and was a breeder for 7 years prior. I trust that Jeff and Kareen would do exceptionally well in a business with dogs. I know the dogs would be taken care of very well. If any had special needs, I feel Jeff and Kareen would be able to meet those needs. I have seen some of their own animals. They are in great health and are very well groomed. The dogs are also spirited and have a good disposition.”

Kelly Duncan, Animal Control Officer for Canon City Colorado.



” While on a four-week trip to Alaska we boarded our three pet goats and two special needs horses at Eightmile Ranch. Jeff and Kareen went above and beyond when they altered a horse stall to be goat-friendly and saw to it that Henry, Chumley and Murray got lots of attention and their treats several times per day – just like at home. Our two horses were recovering from laminitis and on a weight loss regimen. Jeff and Kareen made sure that Marty and Dodger were well cared for and fed the proper amount of hay daily. We are so pleased with the excellent care that our animals received at Eightmile Ranch we will definitely board there in the future! “

Ray Fallen and Rhonda Denney