Peruvian Pasos – PVR Colorado

Peruvian Paso Chestnut Stallion
Stud Fee: $500.00
Well bred, proven sire with an amazing, natural gait.

“PVR COLORADO” is the son of the Peruvian Paso stallion “Fenix”. Fenix is now deceased but is still one of the best known stallions ever in the history of the breed. He was a champion multiple times and is still the most prolific Peruvian stallion the breed has ever had. His sons, currently being used for breeding, are few and far between in the United States.

Peruvian Pasos were breed for hundreds of years to traverse the the Andes Mountains of Peru. They had to be able to travel for days on end with a calm tractable temperament. The Peruvian breeders placed a strong emphasis on also having style, beauty, and the amazing, comfortable, gait this breed is so well known for. They are NEVER allowed to have special shoeing or devices of any kind and are almost always exhibiting this gait naturally at birth.

Colorado is all of these things and more. We will be placing our emphasis on maintaining the Peruvian tradition by giving him the opportunity to be the ultimate pleasure horse these animals are known to be. He is already being trail ridden. He has a kind loving temperament and can be ridden in a group of horses including mares in season. He always displays incredible beauty and style, and his gait is amazing. He has the heart of a lion and would already carry us willingly, through a fire, if he was asked to.

Many people in the past have found purchasing one of these fine animals out of their price range. We intend to keep this young stallions stud fee affordable so that more people can experience the magic of owning a horse of this type. Cross breeding the Peruvian with other breeds is becoming very popular. Any and all registered mares of other breeds, bred to this stallion, will produce a foal that is eligible for registration with the North American Peruvian Horse Association, as well as several others.

You too can have that comfortable “Cadillac” ride this breed is so well known for. Book your breeding now, create the fantasy horse of your dreams.

Happy Trails,
Jeff and Kareen Buckner